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I cannot express enough how bad experience I have with metro factory services are. I don't understand how they can be the preferred service company for appliances manufacturers. Next time, I won't buy any appliances if MFS is the preffered service company!

To summarize, for the past 5 appointments

1) the technician didn't show up for 3 out of 5 times

2) the technician who did show up made the diagnosis (and ordered parts) before he checked the appliance (he didn't check it at all)

3) He asked cash for service fee and said there would be not reciept

4) After the parts came, the technician just put the parts on, didn't check (even if he was asked to) and make sure the applicance is working properly

So here I am, just being notified that the technician cannot make the appointment. I wish I could have chosen another service company

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Metro Factory Service is a nightmare---4 days to wait for a tech to show up, find out the night before that it is scheduled for the afternoon which I specifically stated on several phone calls that I could not be home in the afternoon. Shows up at 5:15 and tells me he "won't touch the machine" because there was no sticker with the model & serial number on it (I showed him the manual and he still wouldn't work on the dishwasher.

Dishwashers get wet, the sticker must have fallen off in the last 8 years of use---get over it!!).

This outfit is a joke and should not have the word "service" anywhere in their name!! Repeated phone calls to get them to resolve this and repair the machine have gone unanswered.

How do these people stay in business?!

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